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My friends, families and fellow City of Santa Clarita citizens,

I’m proud to announce that I am running for the City of Santa Clarita 2014 City Council.
I have been a resident of the City of Santa Clarita for over 20 years and have proudly raised my family here. My Jeenat Shakhi and I raised two beautiful children Jenisa and Simon.

I have a Master’s Degree in Pharmacy. I operate four pharmacies in Los Angeles County, two of which are located here. Newhall Pharmacy is located on Newhall Avenue next to the Samuel Dixon Center and the other is Desert Drug Pharmacy located on Soledad Canyon in Canyon Country.

My professional experience and my long residency give me an insight on the further promotion of Santa Clarita Valley as one of the best cities to live in.

You might ask, why am I running for office? Yes, I don’t have the years of political experience my fellow candidates have and yes, I may not have been directly involved in some of the pressing issues our city is facing and yes, I may not speak as eloquently as the others BUT what I have is the passion and drive to make a difference in YOU and in our beautiful City of Santa Clarita!

As a new kid on the block, I can bring new perspective and new ideas to the table with a forward thinking approach. I can think outside the box, I can shed new light to some areas of concerns, I can definitely provide unbiased opinions and I can certainly add diversity to our group.

Some of the candidates and I have the same objectives for the city. Just like them, I would like to keep our city a family-centered community. I will continue to implement programs which will enhance and strengthen further our family ties and values. I will implement value formation programs, increase after-school programs and community programs, among others.

I will increase the safety of our city. Many years ago, we were one of the top safest cities in Southern California, but not anymore, we are ranked 37 according to SafeWise study in Nov 2013. I will increase police presence, I will support and strengthen programs related to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, I will strengthen and increase neighborhood watch programs, I will hold safety trainings and seminars open to the public, I will be proactive in getting rid of the drug dealing infested areas of our valley.

As a business owner, I know how it could be very challenging to open and maintain a business here. With my experience, I will support and implement new programs that will attract more businesses here and more importantly, programs to retain them here.

I will continue to support the beautification of our city and the revitalization of neglected areas. I will work on easing traffic congestions. I will work on getting us branded as a “Green” community and work on keeping out toxic and hazardous wastes which pollutes our community.

As technology advances, I would like our city to keep up with the technology changes as well and make it a “Smart” technologically friendly city. We want local residents and business owners, as well as visitors, to have the accessibility of real time information. I’d like to propose the internet accessibility to all, among others. I want us to be the first “Smart” technologically friendly city.

Santa Clarita has a uniquely varied population which I believe, is an important point to honor and recognize. Celebrating our city’s cultural diversity is extremely valuable. Having the experience and knowledge on the importance of supporting activities that fosters integration, I will increase programs which will bind our unique population together and manifests cultural integration. Most great ideas come from strong diverse and blended communities.

I am just an ordinary citizen just like you trying to raise a family and trying to earn a living. So, I can certainly empathize with you, I can understand you and I can feel your concern. I cannot promise you and I will not promise you that I can do all that you want BUT what I can promise you and what I can do is work for you and work side by side with you.

I recognize that my most important job is to assure that you, the citizens of the city of Santa Clarita, are heard, because I believe that the foundation of this city stems from the people! YOU, the citizens of Santa Clarita are what will make our city the premier place to raise families, put up businesses, to make it safe and to make it an ideal place to live from generation after generation to come.

I thank you and I respectfully ask for your vote! Together, let’s make the City of Santa Clarita the best city to live in!!!